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Are you in the Boulder, CO area and need a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness and strength goals? Let's talk...

I am a NASM-certified personal trainer in Boulder, CO. Here's what I offer you if you decide to work with me:

  • Achievement of your fitness goals by losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass.
  • Encouragement and motivation to keep you to a routine that will maximize your effectiveness, while reducing risk for injury.
  • Fun and challenging sessions with a variety of exercises.

As A Personal Trainer...

I am passionate about my own fitness goals and my career in personal training. When we work together, I share my passion with you. We become a team. Together, we conquer.

What Others Say...

I Have Never Met Such A Skilled Coach

In my 20 years in the aquatic and fitness industry I have never met such a skilled and instinctual coach, instructor or trainer as Johnny Els! He is by far the most instinctual and talented coach I have ever had the privilege to work with!

As testimony to his talent and gift for personalizing his instruction, seamlessly for each student, he is the only one I will bring my 3 girls to for Swimming/ stroke refinement lessons. I have had the privilege of watching him take non-swimmers and within weeks they are not only confident in the water, they are refining technical strokes and all with a smile.

I strongly recommend working with Johnny!

Emily W
Swim Coach, ACE GFI Group Fitness Instructor, ACE NWS Nutrition & Weightloss Specialist

Johnny improved my swim speed and endurance

I came to Johnny with 2 months before my first Olympic Triathlon and we went straight to work. He broke down my swim stroke and help me to understand what needed work in order to be the strongest, fastest version of myself. He gave me some insider tips that help me tremendously during my triathlon. I ended up 14th in my age group! He’s an amazing coach

Not all great athletes are great coaches but Johnny Els certainly is. He sees the areas that need to be improved and has a great ability to be able to communicate them in a way that just clicks.

He improved my swim speed and endurance in a very fast time period.

He’s an amazing coach and I would recommend Johnny to anyone wanting to compete in Triathlon. He gets it and will help you get to the next level.

Cary K
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