6 Amazing Diet Foods That Melt Fat For You

Foods that melt fat
Avocado with an Egg and Cheese on Toast with a glass of Orange Juice

Typically, one will go on a diet to lose weight and get tone. There are so many different kinds of diets out there. But why do so many people fail when they go on a diet?

What is easy, is sustainable. Including yummy foods that melt fat in your diet is how your diet will remain sustainable. But why do so many people not get the results they want?

The answer is a simple one…

People who “diet” cut out foods that they absolutely love in order to “lose weight.” This is completely unnecessary.

Most diets out there either cut out carbs, or sugar, or processed foods. Restricted diets may seem like a good idea. With the clear understanding that if I cut out “this food” or “this macro” then I will lose weight. But it is not that simple.

Most dieters will fail because they will cut out their favorite meal, favorite snack, or favorite dessert. They fail because they cut those things out! …whaaaaaaaat?

…Yes, it’s true!

The real trick to dieting and losing fat is not what you cut out, but how you are able to balance what you love and what you need in order to lose weight, get toned, and look good!

If you completely cut out carbs, or sugar, then all you will think about is what you cannot have. Think back to when you were under 21 years old. Even though you were not allowed to drink alcohol, you had a desire to. This is because humans tend to want what they cannot have. Thus, including your favorite snacks, meals, and desserts into your diet is quite possible, and frankly, it is necessary.

But what kinds of “Fatty Foods” can you eat when dieting?

I will give you 6 amazing power foods that melt fat for you and give you energy! Plus, you will not feel guilty about “cheating” on your diet. All of these foods are high in fats, and Protein!

Here Are Six Foods That Melt Fat

1. Fatty Fish

foods that melt fat - fatty fish

Not a fat fish, but fish that contains fat. Salmon, trout, sardines, and cod are all loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and contains a high quality protein! People who eat fish tend to be healthier, with a lower risk of depression, heart disease, and dementia. Eating a source of fish at least 2 times per week, can drastically improve your mood, health, skin, and hair.

Some people hate fish. In that case, I recommend a fish oil supplement.

2. Dark Chocolate

foods that melt fat - dark chocolate

I have the biggest sweet tooth out of everybody I know. How do I satisfy my cravings every night? If you focus on your morning routine, workouts, and your daily nutrition, it is okay to have some chocolate for late night dessert.

In fact, Dark Chocolate is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. Furthermore, dark chocolate contains fiber, fat, and protein. Consuming dark chocolate 5 times per week can lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Lucky us, right??

My absolute favorite late night snack is a chocolate chip muffin! (About 450 calories)

3. Potatoes

foods that melt fat - potatoes

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes are by far my favorite weight loss food! Potatoes can be one of the most filling foods out there! A single potato contains about 130 calories. Meaning, you can have 2 potatoes (wedges/mashed) for dinner and be extremely full for only 260 calories.

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, B6, and magnesium. They can help with controlling blood sugar levels and reduce the risk for strokes and heart attacks.

Potatoes are really a power food that you can eat for weight gain and for weight loss. You just need to know how much and have the right exercise routine.

4. Eggs

foods that melt fat - eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, because they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. In fact, one yolk contains almost every single nutrient that we need, except for calcium. Eggs are high in protein and are considered weight loss friendly!

A single egg contains 71% of the recommended daily value of cholesterol. High cholesterol from eggs, do not effect the cholesterol in your blood.

I literally eat 2-3 eggs every morning! They are incredibly healthy and nutritious!

5. Avocado

foods that melt fat - avocado

Another one of our foods that melt fat are Avocados. They are loaded with healthy fats! Personally I like straight up avocado slices on my toast, but guacamole hits me differently. (I will eat guacamole with a spoon haha)

The fatty acid contained in avocados are the same found in olive oil! (Also good for you). It has 40% more potassium than bananas, and they are a fantastic source of fiber! Even though avocados are high in fat and calories…

Studies show that people who eat avocados tend to weigh less and have less belly fat than those who don’t. (Another great source of fat is Peanut Butter)

6. Cheese

foods that melt fat - cheese

Who cut the cheese? Cheese is highly nutritious! Cheese is loaded with calcium, protein and over 10 vitamins including Vitamins B12, Potassium, and Phosphorus. Plus it is a great source of protein! A single slice of cheese can contain 6 grams of protein.

High-fat dairy products like cheese can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes! I like to eat up to 2-3 slices of cheese per day.

Too much cheese can give you the farts.

Meals Containing Foods That Melt Fat

In order to get the most out of your diet meals, you must include all the following:

Carbs, Proteins, and Fats.

When one focuses on what you actually put into your body, losing fat and gaining lean muscle can become effortless. It is all a matter of portion control.

Each dinner plate must have:

  • A Fist size of Carbs
  • A Palm size of Protein
  • A Thumb size of Fats
  • More Veggies the Merrier

Great diet meal examples:

  • A 4-6 oz Steak, half of a baked Potato, and 1-2 cups of Broccoli.
  • A 6-8 oz Chicken Breast, 1/2 a cup of Rice, and 1-2 cups of Green Beans.
  • 6 Jumbo Shrimps, a cup of Pasta, and 3-4 oz of Asparagus.

Good Dessert options: (Learn more about how you are allowed to eat more desserts through my 12-Week Program)

  • 1-2 oz of Chocolate. (any form)
  • Sugar Free Jello. (A single box has 80 calories)
  • 1 cup of Halo Top Ice Cream

To sum it all up, as long as you stick to a workout routine, and consider foods that melt fat for you, you are allowed to keep those delicious foods that you love in your diet!

To learn more about my program, and how my clients are happier with their health and fitness while eating chocolate and pizza, visit my 12-Week Warrior Page!

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