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How You Can Easily Start A Healthy Lifestyle And Feel Great About Yourself

Without Crazy Restrictive Diets And Insane Workouts

“I need to start living a healthier lifestyle. I’m not getting any younger and I want to live my life fully for as long as I can.”

“I have this extra flab that I want to get rid of and add a little extra muscle.”

“I want to enjoy the outdoors a lot more and go hiking and have fun, but in my current state, it seems impossible!”

healthy lifestyle - happy couple

Have you had these thoughts before? Do you want a healthy lifestyle, but it seems impossible to achieve?

The truth is that you know you need to eat better, be more active, and give up junk food. But for years you have been struggling to make these changes. You’ve tried diets, quick-fix programs, and perhaps even medications, to no avail.

No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work!

Luckily, there is a way out. And it is within your reach…

Introducing… The 12-Week Warrior Program

As an experienced personal trainer and nutrition expert, I’ve written down my experience in exercise and nutrition in a new program called “The 12-Week Warrior Program.”

I created this program to help you effortlessly lose body fat and build lean muscle at the same time. I also included a nutrition guide and exercises you can do to get started immediately, so you can get the best results possible.

This is a no-fail, 100% proven method for losing weight and building muscle, all in just a few short months. It’s really a game-changer for those who want to lose fat and get lean at the same time.

Here’s What You Get…

The 12-Week Warrior Program gives you:

12-week warrior program - personalized fitness plan

A personalized fitness plan based on your fitness level, preferences, and goals. You will get a daily routine that is proven to melt body fat and get you lean in a matter of weeks.

healthy lifestyle - nutritional suggestions

A nutrition routine that makes losing or gaining weight effortless. You will receive over 100+ of the most enjoyable and satisfying meals to ensure maximum results.

12-week workout pprogram - mindset techniques

Mindset techniques to help you stay motivated, productive, and goal-oriented throughout your 12-week program.

get a healthy lifestyle - accountability calls

Weekly coaching calls with me to keep you accountable and make any adjustments to your program as needed. My goal is to help you progress week by week and keep you on track.

12-week warrior program - facebook community

Exclusive access to the Warriors Facebook group where everybody can share and celebrate successes, and support and motivate each other. Plus member-exclusive training.

healthy lifestyle - online course

A companion online course that teaches you how to set realistic goals, meal-prepping strategies, the most effective morning routines, and much more.

I designed the program to be simple. The only requirements are that you commit to a 12-week program and have an open mind. In just a few short months you can lose 10 – 30 pounds of unwanted fat, without ever feeling hungry or out of energy. The exercises in this program help you build lean muscle at the same time. And you don’t need any equipment to do these workouts.

So why is this program so important? Because it gives you the tools you need to effortlessly lose body fat and build lean muscle all at the same time. This isn’t just some theory or New Age nonsense. It’s the real deal. The program I created is proven and tested. And it works!

The only thing you’ll need to build your new healthy lifestyle is an open mind and the willingness to follow through.

Here’s my offer… This healthy lifestyle system works and I work with you to make it affordable. My 12-week program helps you effortlessly shed fat and build lean muscle at the same time. I have created this system in a way that anyone can implement it without the need to consult a nutritionist. You don’t have to do any crazy diet programs or buy any pills. My plan is simple and it includes everything you will need to follow.

What Others Experienced…

Here are the testimonials of some of my 12-Week Warriors. Each of them developed a new healthy lifestyle:

jason s

“I joined the academy about 2 months ago with a goal of losing 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I’m in week 8 right now and have lost 25 pounds! I feel amazing, have so much energy, and love the day-to-day challenge.“

12-Week Warriors - Jason Saeva
Jason S.
12-Week Warrior
jacob b

“Johnny and his 12-Week Warrior program helped me achieve all goals we set out to accomplish. His program works, and I have the results to show for it. These included losing 15-20 pounds, gaining a more toned and athletic physique.“

12-week warriors - jacob banks
Jacob B.
12-Week Warrior

“I have seen so much growth in my workouts all because of Johnny. He is patient. He encourages you and keeps you accountable. He spends time with you on the phone to check in on you. He is by far my best decision in getting healthier with a coach.“

kristie sailer
Kristie S.
12-Week Warrior

Ready To Get Started With Your New Healthy Lifestyle? Simply Request A Free 10-Minute Phone Call Below…

I want to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new healthy lifestyle program. Your first step in signing up is a 10-minute phone call with me. We’ll discuss the program and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Imagine… after 12 weeks of following your new healthy lifestyle plan, you have lost up to 20 pounds of stubborn body fat and gained up to 2-3 inches of hard, lean muscle. You are finally feeling sexy and confident in your own skin… not to mention, your clothes fit better, you feel more energetic, and you have more stamina than ever before. Your mood and mental clarity have improved dramatically, and you are eating better, and enjoying the foods that keep you full and satisfied… all while losing fat.

Request your FREE, No-obligation 10-minute Phone Call right now...

I am planning to raise the price of my 12-Week program soon. Now is a good time to get the program at the current price!


If you wait for the perfect time to make the right choices for your healthy lifestyle plan, it will never come. The Warrior Program offers a 12-week learning experience that will serve you a lifetime. But it starts with you… you have nothing to lose…

It is what YOU make it!

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