Swimmers & Triathletes: It's Time to Take Your Swimming Strength to the Next Level

Work with a NASM-certified Personal Trainer & Certified Swim Coach

emily woolf
Emily Woolf

Swim Coach & Fitness Instructor

In my 20 years in the aquatic and fitness industry I have never met such a skilled and instinctual coach, instructor or trainer as Johnny! He is by far the most instinctual and talented coach I have ever had the privilege to work with!

Johnny Els

Personal Trainer & Swim Coach

What You’ll Get During Your Free Strength Training Session

What We’ll Do Before the Session

Before your session, we will be talking about your activity levels, your goals, as well as a body composition test to see which areas we can improve on.

What Happens During the Session

Based on your goals, we will be focusing on simple, yet challenging drills and exercises to strengthen your weaker areas. We will also be focusing on maximizing the efficiency of your stronger areas.

What Changes After the Session

You'll feel accomplished because you will see what a difference a few tweaks or simple drills can make to your swimming. You will have new and exciting drills to take with you to work on by yourself. In the end, you will know that you are a better athlete.

Build Strength • Build Speed • Build Muscular Endurance

About Johnny

I am a former Collegiate swimmer and current triathlete. My passion is working with other swimmers and triathletes and helping them achieve their goals. I am a NASM-certified personal trainer, certified swim coach, and have a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology (Sports Conditioning) from Texas A&M University.

What People Who Had A Strength Training Session With Me, Say

cary krukowski - triathlete
Cary Krukowski


I came to Johnny with 2 months before my first Olympic Triathlon and we went straight to work. He broke down my swim stroke and help me to understand what needed work in order to be the strongest, fastest version of myself. He gave me some insider tips that help me tremendously during my triathlon. I ended up 14th in my age group! He’s an amazing coach!

TruFittraining - testimonial - mike goehring
Mike Goehring

Masters Swimmer

Highly knowledgeable and willing to help no matter whether he’s coaching you directly or not! I was in town for a meeting last week and getting my early morning swim in during his normal coaching and he still took the time to give me pointers between coaching his normal students. Can’t say how thankful I am for your advice! Keep up the great work brother!

emily woolf
Emily Woolf

Swim Coach & Fitness Instructor

As testimony to his talent and gift for personalizing his instruction, seamlessly for each student, he is the only one I will bring my 3 girls to for Swimming/ stroke refinement lessons. I have had the privilege of watching him take non-swimmers and within weeks they are not only confident in the water, they are refining technical strokes and all with a smile. I strongly recommend working with Johnny!

colorado athletic club - boulder

Your Free 30-Minute Strength Training session will be provided at Colorado Athletic Club, Boulder.

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