Warrior Program

The Warrior Program

A Superior Body Transformation Program Proven To Melt Body Fat And Build A Toned, Energized Body

Get That Ideal Body You've Always Wanted

johnny els - 12-week workout plan - warriors program

My name is Johnny Els. Through my extensive knowledge of exercise and nutrition, I created the Warrior Program.

The goal of the 6-month or 12-month body transformation plan is to teach you how melt body fat the healthiest and fastest way possible, and create a toned, energized body that you feel confident about.

Regardless of whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle, the Warrior program will guide you every step of the way.

This is more than just a workout plan...

The TruFit Academy Warrior Program is about finding the perfect lifestyle so you can maintain your dream physique without dieting.

My Warrior Program helps people who...

  • Want to lose 5-50 lbs of body fat
  • Want to gain 5-25 lbs of muscle
  • Want to get a more toned physique
  • Want to sustain long-term health and fitness

The Warrior Program offers you...

TruFit Academy - 12 week workout plan - personalized fitness plan

personalized fitness plan based on your fitness level, preferences, and goals. We will give you a daily routine that is proven to melt body fat and get you lean in a matter of weeks.

TruFitacademy - 12 week warrior plan - nutritional suggestions

A nutrition routine that will make losing or gaining weight effortless. You will receive over 100+ of the most enjoyable and satisfying meals to ensure maximum results.

TruFitacademy - 12 week workout pprogram - mindset techniques

Mindset techniques to help you stay motivated, productive, and goal-oriented throughout your 6-month or 12-month plan.

TruFitacademy - 12 week workout plan - accountability calls

Weekly coaching calls with your coach to keep you accountable and make any  adjustments to your program as needed. The goal is to help you progress week by week and keep you on track.

TruFit Academy - 12-week warrior program - facebook community

Lifetime access to the exclusive  Warriors Facebook group where everybody can share and celebrate successes, and support and motivate each other. Plus member-exclusive trainings.

TruFit Academy - 12-week workout program - online course

A complete online course that teaches you how to set realistic goals, meal-prepping strategies, the most effective morning routines, and more.

The Warrior Program is a complete package to maximize your long-term success!

Shout out to Johnny Els for the motivation! In the last 10 weeks I’ve gained 15 pounds and lost 4% body fat! I feel great, and can see a big difference. I do not know where I would be without Johnny!

owen marks - 12-week workout plan member

Owen M.


I want to say how proud of myself I am! Four weeks in and I have dropped 13 pounds. I thought this was going be like every weight-loss journey, but it's not. It is reprogramming everything I thought I knew. It is learning self-love and feeling confident.

trufit academy

Megan W.

12-Week Warrior

In my 20 years in the fitness industry I have never met such a skilled and instinctual coach, instructor, or trainer as Johnny. He is by far the most talented coach I have ever had the privilege to work with. As testimony to his talent and gift for personalizing his instruction, I strongly recommend working with Johnny.

TruFitacademy - emily woolf

Emily W.

Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Specialist

I've always struggled with weight loss and being healthy. I joined the Academy about 2 months ago with a goal of losing 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I'm in week 8 right now and have lost 25 pounds! I feel amazing, and have so much energy.

12-Week Warriors - Jason Saeva

Jason S.


I have seen so much growth in my workouts all because of Johnny. He is patient. He encourages you and keeps you accountable. He spends time with you on the phone to check in on you. He is by far my best decision in getting healthier with a coach.

kristie sailer

Kristie S.

12-Week Warrior

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If you wait for the perfect time to make the right choices in your health and fitness, it will never come. The Warrior Program offers a  6-month or 12-month learning experience that will serve you a lifetime. But it starts with you... you have nothing to lose... book your 10 minute phone call now!

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