beyond diets - start your journey to a healthier you today
  1. Target That Crap… I Mean Fat
    • Targeting Body Fat
    • Successful Focus Points
    • Create Your Target
    • What is your WHY?
  2. Maintaining Your Dream Physique
    • Your Body Type
    • Creating Your Workout Routine
    • Macros and Top Sources
    • How To Reach Your Weight Goal
    • My Top 3 Tips When Creating A Healthier & More Energized Life
  3. Meal Prep & Recipes
    • My Top Recommended Macros
    • Meal Prepping the Basics
    • Recipes
    • My First Shopping List
  4. It’s All About YOU
    • Building Your Lifestyle
    • The Healthy Habit Tracker
    • Your Mind Is All Powerful
    • Becoming a TruFit Warrior

Beyond Diets

Your Ultimate Guide To Sustaining Your Health & Fitness Goals While Creating A Healthy and Energized Lifestyle

By Johnny Els (Author)
Format: PDF

Get powerful insights and practical tips to transform your approach to fitness. This leads to improved physical health, mental well-being, and a better quality of life. Start your journey to a healthier you today!

In Beyond Diets…

  • Discover how to tailor fitness and nutrition plans to your unique body type for maximum results.
  • Learn effective strategies to create and sustain habits that support long-term health and wellness.
  • Get practical tips for meal planning, mindful eating, and choosing nutrient-dense foods, even with a hectic schedule.
  • Find out how to design and maintain a balanced exercise routine that keeps you motivated and engaged.
  • Cultivate a healthy mindset with self-compassion and positive thinking to enhance your fitness journey.

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I Have Never Met Such A Skilled Coach

In my 20 years in the aquatic and fitness industry, I have never met such a skilled and instinctual coach, instructor, or trainer as Johnny Els! He is by far the most instinctual and talented coach I have ever had the privilege to work with!
I strongly recommend working with Johnny!
Emily W.
Swim Coach, ACE GFI Group Fitness Instructor, ACE NWS Nutrition & Weightloss Specialist


beyond diets - transformation
beyond diets - transformation
beyond diets - transformation
beyond diets - transformation

People who worked with Johnny and followed his advice.

It’s Only $49 – Be The Next Success Story!