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6-Week or 12-Week Workout Plan

Become A Warrior - Transform Your Body And Finally Get The Strong, Toned Body You've Always Wanted

Have You Tried Workouts Before And Ended Up Frustrated?

Many women and men have fitness goals. They desire to achieve goals, like...

  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Get a more athletic physique
  • Improve their overall health and energy levels

These are great goals! The sad part is, most people fail at doing that. Why? They use workouts that are just plain wrong for them. This leaves them feeling...

  • Frustrated, unmotivated and tired
  • No matter what they try, nothing is working
  • And they feel stuck in their current situation

Is this you? Have you "tried everything" and simply cannot break free from the shackles holding you back from getting your fit and healthy body?

frustrated athlete - 12-week workout plan - 6-week workout plan

Does your workout frustrate you?

You're Not Alone... I've Seen This Many Times

As a former collegiate swimmer, swim coach, and online personal trainer, I see this happen A LOT.

I don't know what you've tried, but here's some of the stuff that others have tried... and that don't work!

  • Make up their own fitness plan, with no real knowledge on what to do
  • Look up YouTube videos on workouts and drills, aimed at everything and therefore aimed at nothing
  • Make up their own workouts, with no knowledge on how to create workouts that get specific results
  • Stick to unstructured routines and don't write anything down, making it impossible to track progress

Why this doesn't work

I'm going to share a little secret with you...

The main reason why those workout don't work, is because they are not customized for the person that they are supposed to help. That's it!

Those workouts don't take into account the person's current fitness levels, their nutritional habits, their day-to-day schedule, or their fitness goals.

So what does work?

Here's what works...

  • Get a coach who knows you, your fitness level, and your body type. A coach who knows your timeline, daily routine, and your nutrition habits and restrictions. 
  • Get a coach who knows how to structure workouts that will maximize success in a short time period. 
  • Write down your schedule, goals, and other mindset tips that make it easy to stay on track, and stay motivated… if you do, you cannot fail.

Introducing... The 6-Week or 12-Week Warrior Program!

6-Week or 12-Week Warrior Program - Get That Fit, Strong Body!

12-week workout plan & 6-week workout plan

The Warrior Program is an outstanding, in-depth workout plan. It allows my clients to finally achieve the fitness goals that have been a hit-and-miss for so long.

The Warrior Program offers a 6-week workout plan and a 12-week workout plan.

But it's more than just a workout plan... it's a complete body transformation workout plan.

The TruFit Academy Warrior Program will be a great fit for you if you...

  • Want to lose 5-25 lbs of body fat
  • Want to gain 5-25 lbs of muscle
  • Want to get a more athletic physique
  • Want to take your health and fitness to a whole new level

With this superior 12-week workout plan or 6-week workout plan, you get...

TruFit Academy - 12-week workout plan - personalized fitness plan

personalized fitness plan based on your fitness level and goals, your daily routine, and your nutritional habits or restrictions.

trifit365academy - 12-week warrior plan - nutritional suggestions

Nutritional suggestions that will make losing or gaining weight effortless. You get amazing healthy breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, power food snack ideas, and dinner ideas designed for weight targeting.

trifit365academy - 12-week workout pprogram - mindset techniques

Mindset techniques to help you stay motivated and productive throughout your 6-week or 12-week transformation.

trifit365academy - 12-week workout plan - accountability calls

Regular accountability calls with your coach to help you through the process and keep you on track.

TruFit Academy - 12-week warrior program - facebook community

Membership of an exclusive Facebook community where everyone can ask questions, share and celebrate successes, conquer difficulties together, and support each other.

TruFit Academy - 12-week workout program - online course

complete companion online course that covers topics like goal-setting, whole foods, hydration, morning routines, stretching, sleep, supplements, relationships, and more.

The Warrior Program is a complete package to maximize your success!

Shout out to Johnny Els for the motivation! In the last 10 weeks I’ve gained 15 pounds and lost 4% body fat! I feel great, and can see a big difference. I do not know where I would be without Johnny!

owen marks - 12-week workout plan member

Owen M.

12-Week Warrior

Get The Ultimate 6-Week or 12-Week Workout Plan

This excellent 12-week workout plan or 6-week workout plan is waiting for you. It is ready to help you go after and achieve your fitness goals.

  • Personalized fitness plan that takes YOU into account
  • Nutritional suggestions to make it easier at mealtime
  • Mindset techniques to keep you motivated
  • Accountability calls to help you stay on track
  • Exclusive Facebook community of like-minded people
  • A companion online course to give you all the information you need to achieve your goals
Join the Trifit365 Acadmy 12-Week Workout Plan or 6-Week Workout Plan

The Warrior Programs cover everything that you need to be successful.

I've always struggled with weight loss and being healthy. I joined the Academy about 2 months ago with a goal of losing 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I'm in week 8 right now and have lost 25 pounds! I feel amazing, and have so much energy.

12-Week Warriors - Jason Saeva

Jason S.

12-Week Warrior

How To Find Out If This Is For You

Simple. All you have to do is schedule a free, no-obligation 10-minute phone call. We'll discuss the program. I'll answer any questions you may have. You decide whether you'd like to become a Warrior. It's all in your hands. Schedule your call now...


If we always wait for the perfect moment to make the right decisions, then we never end up making them. The Warrior Program offers a wonderful 12 week workout plan or 6-week workout plan for females and males. But it starts with you... you have nothing to lose... schedule your 10 minute phone call now!

It is what YOU make it!