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johnny els - online personal trainer & fitness coach

Online Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

My name is Johnny Els. I am an online personal trainer and fitness coach. I have been coaching people for 15 years, helping them reach their health and fitness goals. The TruFit Academy helps people around the world find the perfect lifestyle so you can maintain your desired physique.

This means customized workouts without restrictive diets.

As an online personal trainer and fitness coach, my goal is to teach you how to target unwanted body fat and build a body that will make you feel confident.

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“It Is What YOU Make It!”

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Client Transformations

Here are the success stories of some of my clients. I’m so proud of them!

jason s

I joined the academy about 2 months ago with a goal of losing 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I’m in week 8 right now and have lost 25 pounds! I feel amazing, have so much energy, and love the day to day challenge.

Jason S.

jacob b

Johnny and his 12-Week Warrior program helped me achieve all goals we set out to accomplish. His program works, and I have the results to show for it. These included losing 15-20 pounds, gaining a more toned and athletic physique.

Jacob B.

I have seen so much growth in my workouts all because of Johnny. He is patient. He encourages you and keeps you accountable. He spends time with you on the phone to check in on you. He is by far my best decision in getting healthier with a coach.

Kristie S.

beyond diets

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In “Beyond Diets,” you’ll find:

  • Personalized fitness and nutrition plans
  • Techniques for lasting healthy habits
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  • Balanced exercise routines
  • Methods for a positive mindset

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TruFit Academy Programs

My clients above are all Warriors. Here are all my fitness programs:

Warrior Program

TruFit Academy Warriors

My flagship fitness program is the TruFit Warriors program. It is for those who are serious about burning body fat and gaining a more athletic physique in the easiest way possible. You will receive a customized training plan, a structured nutrition plan, around-the-clock accountability, and access to an online community exclusively for TruFit Warriors. Check it out!

30-Day Programs

TruFit Academy bootay program - bodyweight glute exercises - sexy butt

TruFit Academy offers 30-Day Workout Programs for people who want to start getting into a moderate workout routine for the next 30 days. I offer 30-day programs to shape and tone your booty/legs, abs, and full body. I recommend the Kick Start program!

Featured Among The Best Online Personal Trainers

new york city journal - johnny els - top 30 coaches - best online personal trainers

Johnny was featured among the top online personal trainers in The New York City Journal in October 2021.
Tap or click the image to see what the New York City Journal says.

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